Tuesday, 20 of November of 2018

Doctor Admits Making Medical Mistake During Hand Surgery

Records indicate that there were 137 preventable "wrong-site" surgical mistakes made in 2009, which is a jump from 93 reported "wrong-site" surgical errors in 2007. What is a "wrong-site" surgical error? It's when the doctor performs a procedure on the wrong body part.

By Jim Lewis, Medical Malpractice Lawyer in Virginia

A doctor made the mistake of performing a carpal-tunnel-release operation on a woman’s hand when she was admitted for a trigger-finger-release operation. This was a blatant medical mistake and it happens far too often in many hospitals across the country.

In fact, records indicate that there were 137 preventable “wrong-site” surgical mistakes made in 2009, which is a jump from 93 reported ”wrong-site” surgical errors in 2007. What is a “wrong-site” surgical error? It’s when the doctor performs a procedure on the wrong body part.

What makes this medical mistake case somewhat unique is that the doctor was contrite and readily admitted his error. He apologized to the patient and went so far as to detail the mistake in the New England Journal of Medicine, according to MSNBC. 

His story was illustrative of the conditions that routinely lead to a preventable medical error. For example, there was a sudden turnover of staff, the communication between hospital staff and the doctor was not clear, and a pre-surgery check was not conducted.

Unfortunately, in these types of medical negligence cases, the doctor tries to avoid admitting liability or even attempts to blame the mistake on someone else or just call the mistake a random accident that was out of the doctor’s control. It’s refreshing for a doctor to simply call the incident what is was – a preventable medical mistake. 

If a doctor apologizes for their medical mistake, should you consider not filing a medical malpractice claim? Of course not. I applaud any doctor who immediately admits their error, but that does not change the fact that you may have been seriously injured because of the mistake. A doctor’s apology does not equate to compensating a woman who had the wrong procedure done on her hand and may face a myriad of issues with her hand down the road.

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