Saturday, 15 of December of 2018

Anesthesiologist, Weight Loss Surgery Ad Company Sued After Death of Lap-Band Patient

The doctors are being accused of failing to meet the standard of care required for patients. The firm 1-800-GET-THIN allegedly misrepresented the quality and safety of the services it promoted.

By John Cooper, Surgical Error Victim’s Attorney

A California health care advertising company called 1-800-GET-THIN is facing a wrongful death lawsuit in the wake of a surgical error that left a 52-year-old Lawndale, CA, woman dead. According to the Los Angeles Times, the woman had been steered by the company to an outpatient clinic where she was promised “‘a higher level of care’ by ‘top-rated surgical specialists.’” What actually happened was that an  anesthesiologist who was under suspension by the California Medical Board left her in the care of an unqualified nurse while she was under anesthesia, and the woman lost her life due to complications from the drugs and gases administered.

The anesthesiologist and surgeon with responsibility for ensuring the woman’s safety as she had the Lap-Band device implanted have also been named as defendants in the suit. The doctors are being accused of failing to meet the standard of care required for patients. The firm 1-800-GET-THIN allegedly misrepresented the quality and safety of the services it promoted.

Often considered a safer alternative to other forms of weight loss surgery such as gastric bypass, receiving a Lap-Band is far from a risk-free procedure. This video explains that Lap-Band surgery puts patients in danger for all the complications possible with other forms of abdominal surgery:

Obesity is without a doubt a significant health problem, and weight loss surgery is a viable option for many men and women who need to lose significant weight in order to reduce their risks for death from heart attacks, strokes, breathing problems, diabetes complications and even infections. However, as my fellow medical malpractice attorneys and I know firsthand, it only takes a seemingly minor act of negligence or inattention for a surgeon, anesthesiologist, surgical nurse or other member of the surgical team to injure or kill a patient on the operating table.

If the allegations made in the California Lap-Band wrongful death suit are true, the deceased woman was the victim of a particularly egregious and avoidable surgical error. The ad company misrepresented the level of care she would receive, and the anesthesiologist should not have been working with patients at all. No one can know how the case will play out, but the company, surgeon and anesthesiologist certainly have serious questions to answer.


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