Saturday, 15 of December of 2018

Robot Surgical Assistants and Medical Malpractice

Da Vinci robots perform incisions and sutures in the course of heart bypass, valve repair, hysterectomy, prostate and other major surgeries.

By Jim Lewis, Medical Malpractice Attorney in Virginia

Use a robotic surgical assistant called the Da Vinci Surgical System has quadrupled since 2007, now being used by surgeons in 2,000 hospitals around the world performing. According to the Los Angeles Times. Da Vinci robots perform incisions and sutures in the course of heart bypass, valve repair, hysterectomy, prostate and other major surgeries.

Before you get visions of “I-Robot” in your head, keep in mind that Da Vinci does not perform surgical procedures all by itself. The device is operated by a surgeon who uses joystick-like controllers. Still, increased use of the robotic system could have legal implications for victims of medical malpractice.

If a perforated bowel occurs during a hysterectomy, for instance, should the patient bring a medical negligence claim against the surgeon or the manufacturer of the robot? The answer may not be clear. The surgeon would probably try to avoid liability by arguing that the robot was defective, while the manufacturer would probably argue that the surgeon was negligent.

Who said technology was supposed to make things simpler for people?


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