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Family Denied Fair Compensation After Son Has Arm Permanently Paralyzed During Birth

Jurors specified that $20 million was due for pain and suffering, but Maryland law required the judge to automatically reduce that amount to $650,000.

By Rick Shapiro, Birth Injury Attorney in Virginia

When a doctor assisting with the delivery of a boy in Greenbelt, Maryland (MD), twisted and applied undue force on the baby’s neck after the head emerged from the birth canal, the newborn sustained nerve damage that left his left arm permanently paralyzed. The damaged arm is also visibly shorter and less developed than the other one.

Six years after the botched delivery caused the boy the irreversible condition called shoulder dystocia, his parent succeeded in winning a $20.9 million civil jury award. Jurors specified that $20 million of the judgment represented compensation for pain and suffering, but Maryland law required the judge to automatically reduce that amount to $650,000.

The Virginia Birth Injury Attorneys’ Perspective

The family’s medical malpractice attorney, George S. Tolley III, told Maryland Lawyer that lowering the family’s noneconomic damage award was unjust. Because the boy will struggle all his life with an injury a more gentle or attentive doctor could have prevented, reducing the pain and suffering award to comply with an arbitrary cap treats the child unfairly.

I’ve argued elsewhere that caps on personal injury and medical malpractice awards violate plaintiffs’ constitutional rights. On July 31, 2012, the Missouri Supreme Court agreed with that conclusion, ruling that a 2005 state “law violated the right to a jury trial granted by the state constitution by capping noneconomic damages at $350,000 in lawsuits alleging that health care providers were at fault for injuries or deaths.”

Virginia recently raised its cap on noneconomic, pain and suffering awards, and several other states have revised or eliminated limits on jury awards. It may be too late for the boy with the paralyzed arm and his family, but I hope Maryland will soon remove its own unjust, unconstitutional malpractice cap.

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