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Misdiagnosis of Neck Injury Leaves Man Permanently Paralyzed

Jurors awarded the man a medical malpractice judgment of $15 million.

By Shapiro, Lewis, Appleton and Favaloro, Medical Malpractice Attorney in Virginia

A Colorado (CO) man who went to the hospital complaining of neck pain and numbness in his arms and legs was told by a doctor that he suffered from a neck strain and was sent home with medications and instructions to rest. In actuality, the man had a herniated disc that was pressing against his spinal cord so severely that emergency surgery was required.

Within hours of leaving Memorial Hospital in Colorado Springs, the man became permanently paralyzed from the chest down. After hearing evidence of the doctor’s misdiagnosis and the man’s injury and need for lifelong medical and personal care, jurors awarded the man a medical malpractice judgment of $15 million. The owner of the hospital and the doctor whose mistake that harmed the man were ordered to pay the award.


The Virginia Medical Malpractice Lawyer’s Perspective

My medical malpractice attorney colleagues and I practice in Virginia (VA), so it may seem out of character to report and comment on a case from Colorado. What caught my eye, though, was how badly the doctor misdiagnosed the neck injury when first seeing the man who became paralyzed. Diagnosing a herniated disc in the neck or anywhere along the spine can be as simple as taking and examining a few x-rays.

I do not have access to all the medical evidence presented during the medical malpractice trial. Having been involved in similar back injury and misdiagnosis cases, however, I know that showing the doctor was negligent in not ordering and waiting for the results from x-rays and other imaging tests would go a long way toward making the plaintiff’s case.

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