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Family of Boy Permanently Disabled by Drug Pump Malfunction Receives $24.2M Malpractice Award

The family will receive only $8.5 million of that judgment because the medical device manufacturers reached a separate settlement and because of a complicated system of damage caps.

By Mark Favaloro, Surgical Error Victims’ Attorney

When an electronic I.V. drug infusion pump malfunctioned at a Louisiana (LA) outpatient surgery clinic and flooded the body of a 3-year boy with the adrenalin-like medication epinephrine, the child went into cardiac arrest. The resulting lack of blood flow and oxygen to his brain (i.e., hypoxia) left him permanently disabled.

Six years later, the injured boy’s mother won a $24.2 million jury award against the companies that made the infusion pump and the health care facility where the surgical error occurred. has explained, however, that the family will receive only $8.5 million of that judgment because the medical device manufacturers reached a separate settlement for a confidential sum before the medical malpractice trial began. The award will also be reduced because of a complicated system of damage caps put in place by the state government and administered by a group called the Louisiana Patients Compensation Fund.



The Virginia Medical Malpractice Lawyer’s Perspective

Even though I practice medical malpractice and surgical error law primarily in Virginia (VA), I’m writing about this Louisiana case because it illustrate how complicated holding defective medical equipment manufacturers and negligent hospitals and clinics can be.

This family filed claims against two corporations, a health care facility, the company that sold the malfunctioning machine and the representative who serviced the device and other defendants. Even after confronting and succeeding against each of those parties’ defense lawyers, the family, whose son will require an estimated $20 milling in lifetime medical and personal care, then had to navigate a state system stacked against medical malpractice plaintiffs.

I congratulate the attorneys who battled on behalf of the injured boy and his family.

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