Sunday, 16 of December of 2018

Misdiagnosis, Failure to Treat Heart Attack Results in $126M Medical Malpractice Award

Evidence presented during trial convinced jurors that three doctors at A.O. Fox Memorial Hospital in Oneonta, NY, missed obvious signs of cardiac arrest.

By Mark Favaloro, Medical Mistakes Victims’ Attorney

A woman in Oneonta, New York (NY), who went more than day in a hospital without being accurately diagnosed or treated for the heart attack she was suffering has won a $126 million medical malpractice award from a civil trial jury. Evidence presented during trial convinced jurors that three doctors at A.O. Fox Memorial Hospital missed obvious signs of cardiac arrest and failed to treat the woman with medications and surgical interventions that would minimize damage to her heart.

The woman is now unable to train horses as before and is dependent on a defibrillator. She will eventually need a heart transplant.

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The Virginia Medical Malpractice Lawyer’s Perspective

Doctors and hospitals cannot be held to a standard of perfection. But when they fail to detect or ignore signs and symptoms of a life-threatening health condition that they should have spotted, the people and institutions that made the diagnostic errors must be held accountable for a patient’s injuries or loss of life. My Virginia-based medical malpractice colleagues and I have represented many misdiagnosis victims, and each case highlighted how much patients depend on physicians getting a diagnosis correct and acting quickly to treat problems.

The hospital named as the defendant in the New York failure to diagnose lawsuit has promised to appeal the jury’s verdict. Considering how much the woman lost when doctors did not identify and work to resolve her heart attack, I hope the award is upheld by a higher court.

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