Sunday, 16 of December of 2018

FDA Issues Class I Recall Over Medical Device Used In Heart Surgery

By Kevin Duffan, VA/NC Medical Malpractice Attorney

What Happened:

The FDA recently announced a recall by St. Jude Medical. The recall, released at the end of last month, concerns a device used in heart surgery and has been given the most serious level warning by the regulatory agency.

According to the FDA, in some cases a wire in the Amplatzer TorqVue FX Delivery System can fracture while it is being implanted in the two upper chambers of a patient’s heart. This carries a risk of not only serious injury but also death.

For the devices not yet implanted in patients, St. Jude Medical sent a warning to doctors labeled “Urgent Medical Device Recall Notice” asking that they immediately stop using the device and return any unused inventory they may have.

The recent recall was labeled a Class I, meaning that it is the most serious type of recall given that there is a reasonable probability that using the product will result in adverse health consequences or death.

The Virginia Injury Lawyer’s Perspective:

Any story about dangers related to a person’s heart is shocking. We all hope that companies responsible for making such critically important devices do a good job. While most do, some companies refuse to invest the time or money needed to ensure that the products they manufacture are completely safe.

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Helpful Info:

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Got Questions? 

Those who have been injured by a medical device or fear they may be impacted by a medical device recall surely have lots of questions. You might be wondering about what you should do if you’ve been injured by a medical device, what the legal definition of a “defective product” is, or what the requirements of a successful product liability are. For answers to these and other frequently asked questions regarding recalled products check out the following guide.


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