Thursday, 24 of April of 2014

Virginia Med Mal Awards Arbitrarily Reduced By Damages Cap

By Jim Lewis, VA/NC Med Mal Attorney

What Happened:

A man from Hampton, VA who was seriously injured due to medical malpractice received a jury verdict for $25 million in damages, the largest ever med mal verdict in Virginia. The problem for the man is that the verdict will now be dramatically reduced, down to $2 million thanks to law in Virginia that caps medical malpractice damages.

The case involved a man who suffered from a serious heart attack after being given only an Advil to treat his heart condition. Despite complaints of heart trouble, the doctors said that his arteries were normal and sent the man home. A few months later the man, Christopher Denton, suffered a massive heart attack. The man will now need a heart transplant within five years and only has a 50% chance of survival 10 years after that.

The man sued the Riverside Health System and its cardiologists claiming negligence and won. The jury considered the case and arrived at what it felt was a fair number, $25 million, never being told about the $2 million cap.

This case illustrates the harm of such a damages cap. The only people protected in the case were the doctors and hospital administrators whose negligence led to the massive heart attack in the innocent patient. The only people punished by the cap are those who suffer the most serious injuries while doctors who are responsible for the harm, are spared from the full brunt of their mistakes.

The Virginia Medical Malpractice Attorney’s Perspective:

The problem with such caps on med mal damages is that they help the party responsible for causing the harm and punish the innocent victims. By allowing the cost of a doctor’s misconduct to be capped, physicians lose an incentive to keep their patient’s health and safety at the forefront of their minds.

While it’s true that most doctors do a good job caring for their patients, those that do not should be held accountable for their negligence and the jury system should be allowed to function without arbitrary statutory restrains on damages. 

Potentially Helpful Info: 

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