Sunday, 16 of December of 2018

Surgeon Operates on 4-Year-Olds Healthy Eye by Mistake

By Mark Favaloro, Virginia (VA) Medical Malpractice Lawyer

What Happened

In 2011 a surgeon operated on the healthy eye of a 4-year old. Now his parents are pursuing a malpractice claim against the hospital and surgeon that operated on the incorrect eye. In 2011, the eye surgeon was supposed to operate on their son’s right eye to stop it from wandering. According to the parents the surgeon started the operation on their son’s left eye then realized the mistake and repeated the same operation on the right eye. When they were notified they state the doctor stated, “Frankly, I lost sense of direction and didn’t realize I had operated on the wrong eye until I was done operating on the eye.”

Here is a news video about the surgical mistake and malpractice claim.

The hospital has offered $50,000 to settle out of court and to not publicly acknowledge the mistake. The parents however say they will still pursue a malpractice claim because they want to the surgeon and hospital to be held accountable and admit to their mistake.

The Virginia Personal Injury Lawyers’ Perspective

Though surgeons are well trained and often highly skilled, mistakes are still made and wrong site surgeries can occur. According to the latest statistics, officials estimate that wrong site surgery occurs 40 times a day in US hospitals and clinics. Wrong site surgery is a problem across the nation and only half of the 50 states are required to report mistakes made in surgery. Wrong site surgical errors can be devastating to a patient’s health and leave them with serious consequences such as unnecessary physical and emotional stress potentially causing other health complications, unnecessary tissue damage or depending on the procedure, amputation, and even possible need for otherwise unnecessary or extended physical therapy. If you or a loved one has been the victim of a surgical error or wrong site surgery, you should consult with an experienced Virginia (VA) medical malpractice lawyer for this type of medical malpractice lawsuit. Our firm enjoys a reputation of experience and success while representing victims in medical malpractice cases against doctors, hospitals, and other health care providers. We approach each case individually to provide the resources, knowledge and experience to achieve success on behalf of our clients.

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