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Study Reveals Hospitals Stand To Profit Following Medical Complications

By Randy Appleton, VA/NC Medical Malpractice Attorney

What Happened:

A recently published study in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that doctors and hospitals stand to benefit when surgeries go awry. The results showed that medical providers stand to make substantially more money in cases where surgical complications have arisen than in those cases that go as planned. The authors of the piece, all doctors from Harvard Medical School, found that surgical complications increase a typical procedure’s average contribution margin by 330 percent for privately insured individuals and 190 percent for Medicare patients.

The data was collected by combing through records for more than 35,000 surgeries that were conducted at a major hospital in the Dallas area. The results of the surgeries were then linked to hospital bills and the results surprised even the study’s authors. A typical surgery with a privately insured patient yields a profit of slightly less than $17,000. If a surgical complication were to occur, the profit margin would jump to $56,000. For Medicare patients, profits in routine surgeries average $1,900 and jump to $3,300 in the event of a complication.

The authors of the study first got the idea to explore the issue after puzzling over why some hospitals were so reluctant to implement even small changes that had been shown to lead to large reductions in medical errors. The authors wondered whether money might play a role in the decision-making process and were dismayed to find such a powerful connection between profits and patient harm.

The study concluded that the insurance payment system in the country is broken; that paying doctors for the number of procedures performed without taking into account the success rate of the operation is a mistake. The authors suggest that to begin incentivizing medical providers to lower complication rates, insurers should tie their payments to surgical success rates. The goal, according to the study’s authors, is to more effectively tie payment to medical value, ensuring that doctors and hospitals are not rewarded for harming a patient’s health.

The Virginia Injury Attorney’s Perspective: 

Though most surgeons are highly skilled and work hard to do a good job each and every time, mistakes happen that can leave patients seriously injured or even dead. According to statistics from the Institute of Medicine, 98,000 patients die each year due to medical mistakes and costly surgical complications, a far higher figure than should be acceptable.

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