Saturday, 15 of December of 2018

Family Of Girl With Cerebral Palsy Wins $130 Million Verdict Against Hospital

By Kevin Duffan, VA/NC Medical Malpractice Attorney

What Happened:

A major medical malpractice case in New York recently culminated with a $130 million jury award. The family from Long Island sued after they claimed their daughter’s delivery at a Long Island hospital resulted in her later developing cerebral palsy.

The jury that deliberated on the case found that the hospital, St. Charles Hospital and Rehabilitation Center, departed from accepted obstetrical practice in several important ways, ways that the jury found ultimately caused harm to the baby. These alterations from standard operating procedures resulted in a loss of oxygen to the young girl, Shannon Reilly.

Attorneys for the family now say that Shannon is unable to walk, speak, write or swallow without assistance from others. The girl required round-the-clock care for her serious injuries. The jury saw the severity of her injuries as justification for the massive award, one of the largest medical malpractice verdicts in New York history.

Despite the good news for the family, it was a very long road to this point. The case actually heated up in 2009 when the family’s attorney convinced them to reject an $8 million settlement offer from the hospital that was attempting to avoid going to trial. The family agreed and ended up losing the case. The loss was seen as so bad that the hospital’s attorneys mocked the failure in the press, laughing at them for turning down $8 million and then getting shut out of court.

Though it was difficult, the family and their attorney persevered and in 2011 the New York Appellate Court reversed the lower court decision, ordering a new trial. The second case ended in a hung jury and required a third trial, which began last month. Despite the years of struggling the fight appears to have been worth it.

The Virginia Injury Attorney’s Perspective:

Most children who have cerebral palsy have had it since birth, often due to a lack of oxygen to the brain. Sometimes this lack of oxygen is because of medical malpractice and delivery mistakes during labor or childbirth. In cases where medical malpractice has been linked to a child’s development of cerebral palsy, common causes include: the failure to properly detect or treat infections in the mother during pregnancy, the failure to properly monitor fetal heart rate before and during labor, the failure to plan for a cesarean section when a baby is too large to safely pass through the birth canal and negligence in using instruments like forceps in a delivery.

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