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Disarray at the VA: Medical Mistakes Causing Major Problems for Veterans Hospitals

By Jim Lewis, Medical Malpractice Attorney

Hundreds of Veterans Affairs (VA) hospitals have had their “surgical complexity” ratings changed in response to numerous medical errors and doctor mistakes. Five hospitals had their ratings downgraded, which basically means the types of surgeries allowed at those facilities will be reduced because the doctors simply can’t handle the procedures.

“What types of mistakes have taken place at these VA hospitals?” you might ask. Well, a cancer unit at the Philadelphia VA Medical Center mishandled close to 100 cases involving radiation treatment and it is alleged that staff members altered records to cover mistakes, according to The VA is also dealing with colonoscopy problems at VA centers in Florida (FL), Georgia (GA), and Tennessee (TN) where contaminated equipment exposed thousands of veterans to hepatitis, HIV and other blood borne diseases.

Here’s another example of medical negligence at a VA Hospital:

 It’s good to see VA officials taking action on this important safety issue, but more reforms need to be enacted. The doctors and surgeons at the five VA hospitals that received complexity downgrades should have their past performance records reviewed and potentially be required to go through a re-training course or some type of program on medical error prevention. Another common sense reform is requiring the use of “safe-surgery” checklists and even basic medical procedure checklists to help ensure all steps are taken and no blatant errors are made due to rushing through a procedure.

It is important we correct these errors. Why? Because every VA hospital should exemplify the highest standards of medical care. The brave men and women who serve in uniform, and their loved ones, deserve that kind of treatment.

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